We love drones

Why drones? Put simply: drone imagery packs more punch. It’s more dynamic, more precise. It has more va va voom. (And we’re yet to meet a client who doesn’t want more va va voom.)

Drones are speedy, dextrous, amazing little things. We love that drones can go places that helicopters and fixed cameras can only dream of. (Yes, in fact we often wonder if helicopters yearn to reincarnated as drones.)

We love creative agencies

We started this business to help creative agencies like you. We feel your frustration, and know how hard it is to find good aerial content.

We hear you: Your clients are demanding aerial. But not just any aerial footage. They want more movement! They want double movement! They want it higher! Faster! Swoopier!

Yet, those other stock libraries can suck up hours of your life. You’re up until midnight, trawling through screens of crap to find that elusive shot. It’s like being sucked into a blackhole. And then, when you finally find something decent, you discover licensing small print that says you can barely even use it for your mum’s birthday card.

We set up Drone Stock Shop to give you a better way. A simpler, savvier, more cost-effective way.

Bridge River Drone Shot - Drone Stock Shop
Beach Shore Drone Shot - Drone Stock Shop

We love making it easy

We’ve purposely designed our pricing to be clear and simple. Just two levels of licensing, no fine print. We don’t hide the price behind complex credit points. The $ figure that you see is what you pay. You see the footage you want, you pay for it, you download it. It’s really that simple.

We love artistic excellence

Quality is a defining factor for us. We handpick the best footage from professional drone operators all over the world.

“Stock imagery” shouldn’t have to mean low quality. We believe it can mean stunningly gorgeous, spectacularly awesome imagery that makes you gasp with longing.

We love to inspire

It’s our mission to inspire humanity through unique perspectives of our world. A bit audacious? Maybe! But it taps into a bigger motivation for us. We’re not just about files and filling content holes. We’re in this because the world is an amazing place, and drone footage can capture that in the most spectacular and awe-inspiring way.

Expressway Drone Shot - Drone Stock Shop

Want a customised shoot?

If you want to commission a completely bespoke shot, we can put you in touch with a great team who do customised drone shoots. Contact Us here.

If you want footage straight away – like, a right now kinda straight away – then start browsing.

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQs, or contact Us! We’re based in Sydney Australia, and we’re a team of real people who are here to help you.